Taylor Edmiston

I'm a founder and full-stack developer experienced in building software for startups.

My technical interests include creating product features, developing APIs, and designing backend architectures. I value craftsmanship, elegance, and code quality. I enjoy building things to simplify people's lives. My favorite language is Python 3.

I enjoy traveling and am a little too obsessive about my coffee. So far I've been to 9 countries across 4 continents, and one of my life goals is to fill a passport.

My favorite Silicon Valley character is Gilfoyle.



Edmiston Software LLC

I created a small company to do contracted software development and technology work for startups and entrepreneurs



A collection of brew guides for the AeroPress coffee maker



A place to accumulate knowledge from what I'm reading


Sandpaper UX

A microblog about creating better app experiences



My photography portfolio from home and across the world


Queen City Brunch

Making the world a better place through brunch discovery


Writing & Talks

The best place to look for my latest writing is my blog. You can also view the top posts.

A few posts published before I started the blog are included below for reference.

Open Source

I share some projects on GitHub and smaller ideas on Gist.

I've made small corrections to docs and/or sample code in leading repos, for example, the official Instagram client for Python, the most popular Twitter client for Python, Heroku's Flask config integration, and a one-liner in Django.

I value open source and the opportunities it creates for startups today. I'd like to contribute more in the future.



What I'm reading lately.


What I'm listening to lately.

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