Taylor Edmiston

Cincinnati, Ohio

Entrepreneur + full-stack software engineer experienced in early-stage startups

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Photographer · Pythonista · Minimalist

My technical interests include creating product features and APIs as well as designing backend architecture.

I'm interested in projects that improve the accessibility of knowledge, and industries like adventure / travel, photography, and music.

A few of my recent favorite startups are: Genius, Pinboard, and Work Hard Anywhere.

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Recent Events

I especially enjoy Python talks, demo days, and hackathons.

Writing & Talks

Please see Accomplishments above as well.


Occasionally I share projects on Gist and GitHub. more ⇲

I've also made tiny contributions (mostly fixing examples and correcting docs) to popular repos like Twitter's Python client, Instagram's Python client, and Heroku's Flask config integration. In the future I would like to become a more substantial open source contributor.

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